How to Choose the Right Pizza Toppings for a BBQ Chicken Pizza: Exploring Sweet and Savory Combinations

How to Choose the Right Pizza Toppings for a BBQ Chicken Pizza: Exploring Sweet and Savory Combinations

For pizza lovers, the BBQ chicken pizza is a treat that combines the tangy flavor of BBQ sauce with the savory taste of chicken. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to try something new and exciting. The BBQ chicken pizza is a versatile dish that can be customized with a variety of toppings to suit individual preferences. In this article, we will explore the different sweet and savory combinations that can be used to elevate the flavor of a BBQ chicken pizza.

Why BBQ Chicken Pizza is a Great Choice

BBQ chicken pizza is a great choice for several reasons. Firstly, it is a healthier option than traditional meat pizza, as chicken is leaner and has less fat. Secondly, it is a good source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing muscles. Lastly, the tangy and smoky flavor of BBQ sauce complements the mild flavor of chicken, creating a unique taste that is hard to resist.

Choosing the right toppings can take your BBQ chicken pizza to the next level. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, there are endless possibilities to explore. Keep reading to discover some of the best toppings for a BBQ chicken pizza.

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The Sweet Side of BBQ Chicken Pizza

When it comes to pizza toppings, there’s nothing quite like the sweet and savory combination of BBQ chicken pizza. The tangy flavor of BBQ sauce pairs perfectly with the tender chicken, while the cheese and crust provide a comforting base. But what if you want to take your BBQ chicken pizza to the next level? Adding a touch of sweetness can elevate the dish even further.


One of the most popular sweet toppings for BBQ chicken pizza is pineapple. The juicy fruit adds a burst of sweetness that perfectly balances out the tangy BBQ sauce. Plus, the tropical flavor of pineapple can transport you to a sunny beach, even if you’re just enjoying pizza at home.

If you’re worried about the pineapple making the pizza too soggy, try using canned pineapple chunks that have been drained well. Alternatively, you can grill fresh pineapple slices before adding them to the pizza for some extra smoky flavor.


For a more exotic twist on sweet BBQ chicken pizza toppings, consider using mango. The juicy, tropical fruit has a unique flavor that pairs well with the spicy kick of BBQ sauce. Plus, the bright orange color of mango adds a pop of color to your pizza.

Similar to pineapple, you can use fresh or canned mango chunks for your pizza. If using fresh mango, make sure to slice it thinly so that it cooks evenly on the pizza. Alternatively, you can try grilling the mango before adding it to the pizza for some extra smoky flavor.


If you’re looking for a sweet topping that’s a little less fruity, consider drizzling honey over your BBQ chicken pizza. The natural sweetness of honey complements the tangy BBQ sauce and adds a touch of richness to the dish.

To use honey as a pizza topping, simply drizzle it over the pizza before baking. You can also mix the honey with a little bit of hot sauce or chili flakes for a sweet and spicy kick.

Combining Sweet Toppings

If you can’t decide between pineapple, mango, or honey, why not try combining them? The sweetness of the fruit and honey can work together to create a complex and delicious flavor profile that perfectly complements the savory BBQ chicken.

When using multiple sweet toppings, make sure to use them sparingly so that they don’t overpower the other flavors. You can also balance out the sweetness with some spicy toppings like jalapenos or red pepper flakes.


Adding a touch of sweetness to your BBQ chicken pizza can take it from delicious to extraordinary. Whether you prefer the tropical flavor of pineapple and mango or the rich sweetness of honey, there are plenty of options to explore. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different sweet and savory combinations until you find your perfect pizza topping.

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The Savory Side of BBQ Chicken Pizza

While sweet toppings like pineapple and barbecue sauce are popular choices for BBQ chicken pizza, there’s also a savory side to this classic dish. Here are some delicious toppings to consider:


Adding bacon to your BBQ chicken pizza is a surefire way to make it more savory and delicious. The salty and smoky flavor of the bacon complements the sweet and tangy barbecue sauce perfectly, creating a mouthwatering combination that’s hard to resist. To make your pizza even more flavorful, try using thick-cut bacon or pancetta instead of regular bacon.

Red Onion

Red onion is another great savory topping for BBQ chicken pizza. The sharp and slightly sweet flavor of the onion adds depth and complexity to the dish, while also providing a nice crunch. To get the most out of your red onion, be sure to slice it thinly and evenly before adding it to your pizza.


If you like your pizza with a little kick, jalapeno is the perfect savory topping for you. The spicy and slightly acidic flavor of the jalapeno pairs well with the sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, creating a flavor explosion in your mouth. To make your pizza even spicier, try using serrano peppers or habanero peppers instead of jalapeno.

Combining Savory Toppings

While each of these savory toppings is delicious on its own, they can also be combined to create a truly unforgettable BBQ chicken pizza. For example, you could add bacon, red onion, and jalapeno to your pizza for a bold and flavorful twist on the classic dish. Just be sure to balance the flavors carefully so that none of the toppings overpower the others.

Savory Topping Flavor Profile Pairing Suggestions
Bacon Salty, smoky Cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce
Red Onion Sharp, slightly sweet Chicken, cilantro, garlic
Jalapeno Spicy, slightly acidic Pepperoni, sausage, red pepper flakes

Overall, adding savory toppings to your BBQ chicken pizza is a great way to elevate the dish and create a more complex and satisfying flavor profile. Whether you prefer bacon, red onion, jalapeno, or a combination of all three, these toppings are sure to take your pizza to the next level.

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Finding the Perfect Balance

When it comes to creating the perfect BBQ chicken pizza, finding the right balance of sweet and savory toppings is key. Experimenting with different combinations of ingredients can lead to deliciously unexpected results, but it’s important to consider your dietary restrictions and preferences before diving in.

Experimenting with Combinations

One of the most exciting aspects of creating a BBQ chicken pizza is the opportunity to try new ingredients and flavor combinations. Consider adding sweet elements like pineapple or honey to balance out the savory flavors of the chicken and barbecue sauce. Alternatively, try incorporating spicy toppings like jalapenos or red pepper flakes to add a kick of heat.

Trying New Ingredients

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new ingredients on your BBQ chicken pizza. Experiment with different cheeses, vegetables, and even fruits to create a unique and delicious flavor profile. Just be sure to balance out any strong flavors with milder toppings to avoid overwhelming your taste buds.

Considering Dietary Restrictions

Whether you’re following a specific diet or simply trying to eat healthier, it’s important to consider any dietary restrictions when choosing your pizza toppings. Opt for low-fat cheese, lean protein sources like grilled chicken, and plenty of fresh vegetables to create a balanced and nutritious meal.

By experimenting with different combinations of toppings, trying new ingredients, and considering your dietary restrictions, you can create the perfect BBQ chicken pizza that’s both delicious and healthy.

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